About Andy Thompson Photography NZ

Kia ora - Welcome to Andy Thompson Photography NZ. My name is Andy Thompson, and I specialise in photographing events, people, landscapes and weddings. My photography is about capturing natural moments. I look forward to making your memories amazing!

Andy Thompson

The purpose of my photography is to share images, providing inspiration and make a difference to people, communities and the world. I photograph landscapes of Dunedin, Central Otago, Stewart Island, and the wider South Island. Photographing worldwide is part of my portfolio - click on this link to visit my Travel Photography portfolio. Also, I have partnered with the Halo Project - Predator Free Dunedin, to help protect our local native fauna and flora.

Photographic services I provide range from;



Environmental Individual/Family Portraitures;

Commissions; Landscapes;Landscape Panoramas, Wildlife

Background: I am an outdoor professional (started in 1988) having taught, guided and instructed in a range of New Zealand and world locations; including Antarctica, India, Africa, Canada, Scotland and Norway. Starting work as a photographer in the late 80`s shooting commercial rafting while following river trips in a kayak, it was not uncommon to solo boat grade 4/5 to stay ahead for the best shot. Working from print, slide and now digital, it is exciting to embrace new technology. Having skills to photograph unusual places, being with other people - yet feel comfortable in the extremes of the most appalling or beautiful conditions is an advantage.

Get inspired to explore our beautiful country, the world and take care of it. Take action on being the best custodians of the only planet we live on.

I am available for photographic shoots and specific jobs. Bookings are essential. Please email me at andyphotosnz@gmail.com with your enquiry. Or call me on +64 21 735 - 536

Please note Andy Thompson Photography NZ Ltd reserves the right to include a small logo on all sold prints that are canvas, block, aluminium and framed products. Purchasers need to request otherwise.


Andy Thompson