Portraits Portfolio

There are many versions of portraits, and I believe it is about creating images that show the essence of the person or group of people. Not only that I use my technical skills to make a photo stand out and make my subjects shine. I love working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. The best part of this process is listening to each person's stories. Every story is unique and interesting to me, and I want the photographs I take of you to tell that story. So, get in contact and let's meet up to chat so we can create that story.

Andy Thompson
Cell: +64 21 735 536
Caitlin Ruddle - Champion - _MGL6699
James Munro - Champion - _MGL9466
Richard Wilson - Man of the Land - _MGL2168
Celebrating Dunedin Street Life
Savannah Cumming - Model - _MGL0372B&W2
Shepard Sunrise - IMGL7564A
Phoebe Storr - Serious - IMGL0515
Brian Staite - Explorer
Gordon Clarke
Jack Swallows - Royal - _MGL6498
Lucy Wilson - Vet & Loves Animals - _MGL2129
The Wheeler Family - Mike Wheeler runs two excellent successful physio businesses; Motion Health Dunedin on Forth St and in Hanover health. Mike also looks...
Tim Armstrong & Kathryn van Beek - Teacher and writer, communication specialists - making the best of this Rāhui and important people of our community.

Paddy, Sara, Grace 17, Ruby 14 and Murphy 12. Dog - Enzo, Cat – Pig - While photographing these guys we had a sun shower. I love the rain and it is cool...
Stefan Roesch and Pennie Hunt with Lena and Felix. - 'Portraits on the Porch' Photographic Project, Rāhui, COVID-19